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ANSI Roller Chain

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HLU ANSI Roller Chain

Hi-Light USA is a leading supplier of ANSI roller chain, specialty chains and parts.Our emphasis on consistent quality and stringent production control standards insure proper performance in a broad range of applications.

We stock large quantities of the following chains in our Memphis, TN facility:

• Single Strand 25 through 240 Riveted

• Single Strand 60 through 200 Cottered

• Double Strand 35-2R through 200-2R

• Triple Strand #35-3R through #80-3R

• Extended Pitch A2040-1R through A2060-IR

• Extended Pitch C2040-1R through C2100H-1R

• Heavy Series 50H-1R through 160H-1R

• Nickel Plated 35NP through 80NP

• Nickel Plated A2040NP through A2050NP

• Stainless Steel 35-1RSS through 80-1RSS

• Stainless A2050-1RSS

• Side Bow 40SB through 60SB

• 81X & 81XHH Lumber Mill Chains

• CA550 Agricultural Chain

• MSR6018 with A2 Attachment Slat Conveyor Chain

• C2060H with D5 Attachment Citrus Chain

• Delrin Chain

Hi-Light USA roller chain is pre-stressed to minimize chain stretch that may occur during initial drive operation. This production process reduces excessive wear and premature fatigue failure. Excessive wear, fatigue and maintenance costs are key factors when considering drive components.

To reduce these costs, the Hi-Light USA roller chain offers:
• Case hardening of pins and bushings
• Shot penning of chain parts for additional fatigue strength
• Dip lubrication to coat and protect critical load carrying components

ANSI roller chain sizes are determined by four dimensions:
• Pitch - The distance, in inches, between centers of adjacent flexing joints
• Inside width of the roller
• Roller diameter
• Side plate thickness Chain length is expressed in terms of pitch or in feet or inches.

Roller chain construction is either riveted or cottered:
• Riveted construction is available for chain sizes 25 through 240
• Cottered construction is available for sizes 60 and larger
Multiple strands are also available in both types of construction.

Roller chain connecting links are furnished in two types:
• Spring clip - Normally used on chain sizes 25 through 80
• Cottered style - Recommended for sizes 100 and larger Offset (half link) and roller links are also available.

Hi-Light USA roller chain is furnished in ten-foot boxes and bulks reels of 50 and 100 feet.

Hi-Light USA’s warehouse in Memphis, TN also offers cut-to-length chain and chain assemblies made to the customer’s specifications.
Roller chain may be furnished in different finishes and materials. Normal stock includes carbon steel, nickel-plated steel, and stainless steel.

Hi-Light USA can furnish roller chain in delrin (nylon) or other special material or finish on a special order basis.